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10 artists I think you should listen to

Posted by melody


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hiiiii :)

1. modern baseball: mobo also known as modern baseball is a pop punk band. they also use elements of Midwest emo. the members are really nice guys. check out "apartment"

2. the front bottoms: TFB is a folk punk band. brian stella's painfully true lyrics and simple guitar playing give all of their music a weird sense of comfort and of being home. check out "father"

3. everybody's worried about Owen: owen's voice is so amazingggg AHHHH!!! check out "Homebody Modifications"

4.  crywank: I met this guy back in 2023 and oh my God he's so nice guys! he was joking with my dad and everything! jay's lyrics about not finding "real" love and his fear of death are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! check out "love" and "memento mori" (he gets two because these two songs are completely different styles)

5. raccoon tour: remember back to when you were a teen or if your still a teen remember the fun and probably crime and regret filled nights you've had in your small town. that's raccoon tour. they are those memories all wrapped up in a emo package. check out "horrorshow"

6. American football: these guys are just honest it HURTS. these guys basically made midwest emo what it is today and I can't thank them enough! check out "never meant"

7. los campesinos!: this band is sooo good. they use synths and guitars together in a way I don't think a another band has done. gareth's vocals are so weird and amazing at the same time. check out "by your hand"

8. Jack stauber: jack's style is...weird to say the least...BUT IT'S SO GOOD AHHHHHH! his keyboard playing is so coollll! the shit he does with his vocals are weird to but also so goodddd! check out "small world"

9. my chemical romance: MCR are so popular...but for a reason. everything they've done is good but the black parade makes me wanna go AHHHHHH! check out "famous last words"

10. snam__: shameless self promo. check out "it's the end of the-" 

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