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Looking for friends!! Add me if u have similar interests

Posted by Morrow


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Hii !! 
I'm Morrow, 17, and bisexual. I use she/her (currently, at least), and I'm looking for friends!

If you're any of these, PLEASE add me:

✦ MCR, Radiohead, Paramore fans

✦ Dutch

✦ British


✦ Biology nerd

✦ Language nerd

✦ Social studies nerd

✦ History nerd

✦ Into (alternative) fashion

What I have to offer: 

✦ Infodump about interests

✦ Talk about fun things in my life

✦ Show art I make

✦ ...and more! :3

So, basically, if you're really cool, add me

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Reply by monokin


I'm not sure if I'm a really cool person but u seems to be nice

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Reply by 4renn_


Hii! I'd like to have a talk with you! you seem like an interesting person (‾◡◝)

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Reply by nora h.


The fact that you used "nerd" more than one time to describe yourself is really interesting. I guess you are a nerd. Anyway, I'm one too, but from other areas such as physics and literature. Want to talk? 

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Reply by zirconieee


radiohead spotted, request sent 

(also STEM student lol)

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