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thoughts on side order? (SPOILERS)

Posted by Lynx!


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obligatory spoiler tag since it hasn't been out for a month yet

Personally, I find it rlly fun!! A bit different from all the other campaigns, not in a bad way though. The inital run is shorter than expected, but considering it's a rougelite, the replayability more than makes up for that. The customizable difficulty through hacks and level selection is amazing to me, it rlly improves the replayability by allowing challenges or making it less frustrating. 

My only real issue is just a personal preference against how the story was. It just felt quick with no stakes I guess? I know there's a lot of story content after the first clear but it doesn't feel like the story to me after the credits roll, just bonus content, you know? When it comes to the stakes, you're in a virtual world, so you don't rlly get the vibe that everyone is actually in danger, since you don't rlly see them. It feels closed off from them, for a lack of a better word.

I'm sure I'll come up with more to say or better ways to word stuff later, I just wanted to throw out the current brain words and see other opinions

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Reply by Lynx!


omg idk how i forgot about this but i wish the duotone colors (is that what they're called??) were available as a completion bonus, even if we had to clear all palettes for it

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