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How the FUCK do you make friends

Posted by StigmataR00F


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Seriously, how? I find it utterly impossible to speak to people either online or irl, it just feels like such a Sisyphean task. Like, everyone has their own social circles and shit that are just built with impenetrable walls. I've only been able to make conversation with three people in the past few weeks, and none of those conversations really resulted in me being able to say I made a "friend," not in any real sense anyway.

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Reply by Mackenzie


gimme ur enterests,well talk for a loooooong tine trust me

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Reply by vcka


ask a lot about their life or interests
tell about yourself in response
check up on them now and then and interact with their posts
have no reservations
be considerate but confident
be unapologetic in how you speak and present

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Reply by Aitherios.


i relate so bad... i havent made a friend in 5 fucking years WHAT.

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