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thoughts on "scenecore" ?

Posted by aries


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as someone who grew up as a scemo, i find i don't care for most "scenecore" music. it all feels. idk. trying too hard? it doesn't help that a lot of them (eg 6arelyhuman) are obviously trying to emulate BOTDF when, in my opinion, BOTDF was one of the worst (sorry to anyone to who liked BOTDF; even at their peak, i could never get into them). like where's the dot dot curve and ISMFOF copycats???

IDK. i still like that Sound of music, and i still listen to the old bands, so if you have any scenecore recommendations that isn't clearly taking core inspiration from BOTDF, feel free to share. 

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Reply by Sugary!


i don't like scenecore, i think it's a pretty boring genre

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Reply by Packratsgrave


as someone whos made scenecore its definitely a boring genre however fun if you look close enough there's usually some jems that arent botdf inspired! 

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