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Posted by Scuorge10


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Howdy howdy! 

I am looking for some new music to listen to! I listen to basically just about anything so feel free to suggest any band/artist! 

Though if you need something more specific I lean more towards stuff like Show Tunes, Musicals, Set it Off, Poor Man's Poison, The Used, Weird Al, Barns Courtney, MISSIO, Bohnes, Shinedown, etc etc 

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Reply by Tatsu0ni


I usually recommend Nelward

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Reply by Jasmine


Anything new wave!! Talking Heads, Oingo Boingo and DEVO are all great. As for specific songs I'm going to recommend some pretty obvious ones BUT

  • Whip it
  • She Blinded Me With Science
  • Love My Way
  • Slippery People (live version)
  • Rock Me Amadeus

If you like the vibe with those, I'd recommend letting spotify auto play or listening to the playlist The Sound of New Wave from the sound of spotify. That account is actually a great way to explore genres

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Reply by Sent To Destroy


Since you say you like Weird Al, I'm gonna recommend Worm Quartet. It's synthpunk project made by a guy named Timothy "Shoebox" Crist. I'd describe the humor and lyrical content as reminiscent of Weird Al, but much more crude and absurd, almost post-modern in a way. I can understand if the synth heavy instrumentation turns you off, though.

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