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coders: how did you learn???

Posted by avenue


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Looking for sites, services, videos, whatever helped you. I think that becoming tech-literate and learning to code is a necessary skill, but I struggle every time I try to learn. What helped you?

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Reply by noriaki (nure)


Well, in my case, I took a 3 year programming bachelor hehe. But there are a lot of resources online that are good! What do you want to learn? 

Here are some sites I think are really good

W3Schools - Loads of tutorials for a huge amount of languages!

Baeldung - Mostly Java. I've used this one a lot this year as I'm learning Java, the guides are really easy to understand

Codewars - This site has a bunch of coding challenges to improve your skills. 

Codecademy - They have some beginner courses for free, though I believe you'll need a subscription to continue most of them

GeeksForGeeks - I use this a lot too, mostly when I need to find out how to do something

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Reply by avenue


Ayyy very appreciated !! ty ty 

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