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horror music recs?

Posted by oregano-hale


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a little unserious is fine, as well as anything which is an edited/covered version of an existing song. preferably something lyric-heavy :) i've been enjoying jerryterry's the boys are back in town, photograph, and kiss me (kill me), as well as maretu and lemon demon!

oh also forgot to mention, musicals are good as well as songs/albums!

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Reply by Tatsu0ni


Huh thought this was about soundtracks

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Reply by birby


some of current 93's older tracks are pretty spooky, really long and sometimes offensive names though, but they're cool

holidays in europe by K.U.K.L. is obscure but it's genuinely some of the most downright scary music I've listened to, it's not really metal or anything either, I'd say it's more like bauhaus/the cure in its sound

maebi is kind of backrooms/liminal type horror music, I'd also listen to everywhere at the end of time if you're into that kind of vibe, also boards of canada is very good analog horror/arg vibes

radiohead's music can be pretty scary sometimes, recommend knives out, 2+2=5, sit down. stand up, and street spirit (fade out). 

the song soup is good food by dead kennedys is a pretty scary song of workers being replaced by robots or something like that, pretty spooky considering all the ai stuff now

if you like maretu there's also utsu-p, metal music, some of the song names are a little funny but hearing miku do like death metal growls is a little unnerving if you're not used to it lol

also less horror but I haven't checked them out enough to know, but world/inferno friendship society is a similar vibe to tally hall/lemon demon but more political id say. your younger man especially, good song. 

sorry if long response, just wanted to give you a lot to work with

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