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why is the spacehey logo changing to gray and how do I set it back to black?

Posted by KUMAZ


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I'm making my own layout using a template and I'm trying to set a custom logo that's supposed to be just black text. However, when I add the code in, the logo is gray. The logo I'm adding is an image from wikipedia and the original image's text is black, but it keeps changing to gray and I don't know why. I've tried using a line of filter code that people usually use to change the color, but it isn't doing anything. How do I set it back to the original color without it randomly changing like this?

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Reply by KotsuCoder


Can you post an image showing what it is you're expecting, and what it is you're getting? Share a link to the image you're using, and the code you're writing, too. I might try to run some tests to see if I can pin down what's happening.

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