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unrealistic standards in gyaru

Posted by alex


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Normally when we talk about gatekeeping and unrealistic standards i gyaru, but we don't talk about other form of unrealistic standards in gyaru.

I consider that the most important thing in gyaru is the makeup and its mindset, I follow the mindset, the makeup and the clothes (because I am rokku) when I go out, although I always carry the mindset with me, whether I go out of my house or not.

Many gyarus talk about how there is an unrealistic standard of how much we have to implement makeup and gyaru fashion in everyday life, and it is true, however, we also have an unrealistic standard of how we have to wear gyaru fashion.

I believe that the makeup and the mindset is the essential, ANY CLOTHES can be gyaru with a good makeup, when we talk about gyaru there is not a fashion par excellence (unless we implement the sub styles) despite how some gyarus want to make it look, like we must wear only brand or certain patterns of clothes.

Many are told that they are not gyaru enough for not wearing nails, wigs or contact lenses.

And it is a standard that although it can be met, it is unrealistic, I usually wear makeup, rokku clothes and the mindset I carry with me all the time, however, if I were to wear contact lenses, wigs and nails along with what I already wear, I would suffer from overstimulation. I do wear nails from time to time, however, I won't wear them whenever I implement fashion and that's OK.

I also usually wear my hair gyaruO despite being gyaru, and that's okay.

Gals, be who you are, gyaru goes against the standards and opinions of others 

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