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The cause of nightmares

Every one of us have at some point in our life had nightmares. And of cause like with dreams, they are told it is just "nightmares" and not something to focus your attention on. But what causes this nightmares then!? I will explain the cause of nightmares! It can bee caused by 3 things. 

Just like i mentioned in an earlier post, 5% are dreams. 5% are actually caused  by traumatic events from your daily life. But usually this nightmares are quite mild, and usually not that scary. The other 95% are caused by threats on the other side or by the handiwork of the Archons.

Threats on the other side

People who are nor familiar with the other side, and do not have the knowledge of evil beings or are in denial of them, as well as have no knowledge on how to even defend themselves can get a serious fright, when they happen to stumble on a draconian, demon, shape shifter or an archon when they are on the other side and they are not even aware of it. Demons in particular can bee extremely scary, since they look like they came from a mad scientist laboratory, and usually look extremely monstrous and hideous, usually have different body parts of different beings. Something that you would see in a Hollywood monster movie but far, far worse. Why demons looks so monstrous and hideous is exactly because of the fact that they actually are created in a mad scientist laboratory, and by the archon king himself. He uses this demons to do the dirty work for him, and yes they stink as shit as the one who created them. This evil beings feel empowered when people are scared or are in suffering.

The handiwork of the Archons

The most common reason to nightmares is the handiwork of archons. Archons have the knowledge to play mind games on peoples fears, shames, angers, hatred and other negative emotions. They know the "weak spot" what your fears are, what your shames, angers and rage is about! They even know about once traumas.  Simply because they do actually observe people from a distance. And if they do not, they will get the info from their allies. Usually when archons are at work, you will have nightmares several night in a row, weeks or months even. If you are really unlucky. The archon's methods of torture and cruelty, is not just mind games in form of nightmares. They are good to play mind games during the days too if they want to! But they are most known for people getting nightmares.

Of my personal experience, the best way to deal with this nightmare problem is to ask the shadow angels for help. This group of angels are gods warriors, and they are the best spies and tracker in the whole creation. They can easily track down any archon that tries to hide, or pester you from a distance. This angels are known to hide in the shadows and they are also known to take evil once by surprise, when they least expect it and arrest them. This group of angels are better know as the shadow legion. They work for Archangel Luciel's oldest son, Lucius. An archangel that no human of earth is familiar with, since the once that hates him to their very core, have done quite a good job in trying to erase his name and spread fear about him instead, so people would start to hate Lucius. Lucius is in fact one of the archon's biggest archenemy. So yes, they are not very fond of him or his archangelic legions of shadow angels.

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