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Only 5% are dreams

Many people have been led to believe that dreams are just that, dreams, and not something to put any energy on or any attention on! 

The truth is, only 5% are actually dreams. Dreams are caused when we sorting out things that has been stressful, painful and other activities during the day that has cause a small trauma or other minor negative things. That is actually not so much of a big deal, but that can make you not get deep enough sleep. The other 95% of our sleep is memories of past lives, other side journeys and receiving messages, in form of visions.

Past life memories

When we sleep we can also start to remember events from past lives. Because when we are in a deep state of sleep, one can reach the subconscious better. It is in the subconscious where past life memories are stored! And during sleep, if they need to surface you will remember them and relive them. 

Other side Journeys

When you are at the deepest state of sleep, what science calls for REM sleep, the body is actually unconscious for a period of time. Do not fear, this is absolutely normal.  It is at this state that a soul can leave the body, what many people know as astral project! Being on the other side is much like being among the living! You can see the people that are awake, but they can not see you. Because your soul is not visible for your naked eye. You will bee able to see them if the third eye is open. One toxin to prevent your third eye from a clear vision or even to open your third eye, is flouride. The very ingredient they put in toothpaste. This is also the reason why my third eye is one minute open and then the second minute closed again, and bee closed for a while. How should i explain. Little like when you have a sick eye, you want to have it open, but it stings so bad that you need to have the eye closed. I stopped using toothpaste with flouride back in 2012, but it is still affecting my third eye a bit. Of cause, it has gotten much better since i stopped using toothpaste with flouride, it just needs it's time to heal, since i used toothpaste with flouride for over 30 years. Just like when you are awake and can smell, feel and touch, so can the soul. I would like to share something with you, something i did on the other side a year and a half ago. I was on the other side and went with my friends to eat at the dining room that we personnel eat our lunch! But at this time of the hour it was coffee, tea they served and some cheesecake. I happen to like cheesecake. But even so, I can bee quite picky when it comes to cheesecake. This cheesecake was enormous and it was also placed like a wedding cake. I took a peace of it, and oh my goodness. It was absolutely heavenly delicious. I have not eaten such delicious cheesecake in my entire life. I went back to my body after that coffee break since i had done my work for that day, and it was time prepare to wake up and bee among the living again. When i woke up i could still feel that delicious taste in my mouth from that cheesecake! Boy, oh boy! How i wish i knew who that baker is, so I could order a cake from him/her. Because that was one heavenly delicious cheesecake. Yes, when you are on the other side, it is as real as being among the living. There is actually not much difference between the two.

Visions inform of messages

During sleep, one is more susceptible for receiving messages from your guides, archangel and archeias. Usually this occur shortly before you wake up, or shortly before you fall into deeper state of sleep.

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