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Channeling VS Telepathy [pinned]

Many people are led to believe that channeling is the same as telepathy! That is not true at all! When you channel you actually invite a being to enter your body. In fact you are infact allowing a being to possess you, to get it's messages trough. This is dangerous, because it is not a guarantee that the soul, or entity will leave your body, when inviting it inside tour body! This practise is dangerous and risky and is not the choice of communication by the archangels or archeias, because they are fully aware of the risks, and also it is against cosmic and spiritual law to do so. Simply because of the risks involved with it! The temptation is to great of evil beings to possess a human being when you give invitation to enter the body. 

Telepathy in turn is the safest and the only form of communication choicen and used by the archangels and archeias. There are two types of telepathy. The first one is image telepathy, it is the easiest form of telepathy to pick up by people, that the archangels and archeia's use to communicate with people, when they communicate through telepathy with them. The second type of telepathy, is the vocal telepathy. Which is a more advanced form of telepathy, and is usually used by the more highly evolved spiritual beings like archangels and archeias, even those of the archangels and archeias that are incarnated among you.

Even if telepathy is safe and cause no risk of harm using it. The telepath needs to bee aware of the tricksters and learn how to know, who sends the messages or talks to them. A highly evolved and advanced telepath empath knows this, since they have learned how to register the energies within the telepathic messages. A telepath that is not enough evolved empath, can bee at risk of being deceived by the Archons. Archons are experts in deceiving people as well as play mind games with them. They are also known to bee able to do this from a distance, so they do not usually need to bee even next to you! But if your empathy is evolved enough and powerful enough, you will feel the energies in the telepathic messages very easily, if it is a friend or a foe that is talking to you telepathically. 

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