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PLEASE NOTE!! Important Information and Group Rules [pinned]

Posted by Luciela


Forum: Library Of Higher Knowledge Group

There are a few things people need to know, who join this group, to not get to confused! And there are some rules one must follow. Behavior Rules that is!


Sometimes you will find higher knowledge from the warriors of god/god's warriors the archangels and archeias. This teachings usually ends with, archangelic team, or the name of the particular archangel or archeia. This teachings/messages are provided through telepathy. Not through channeling. Read the post about the difference between telepathy and channeling, to understand the differences between the two. No cluttering in the library thank you! There is a special topic section for people to ask questions or giving thanks to our work to provide this library for people here on spacehey.

Group Rules

  • People are not allowed to post new topics in this group! This is a Library Of Higher Knowledge!  
  • No bullying is allowed in this group.
  • No hostility allowed. 
  • No humiliations or crucifying allowed
  • Condemnation of someone is allowed
  • Know that the recording angels are recording your actions and behaviors. So bee nice.
  • No humiliation or condemnation towards Michael or any other of the archangels or archeias are tolerated. 
  • No condemnation and bullying is tolerated, if it does nor happen to suit your faith's believe system, from what you where brought up with. 

If you can not handle the truth within, given my Luciela or the archangels and archeias, god's warriors directly. Please leave this group.

If anyone are are breaking the rules and does any of the above, you will bee banned without a warning from this group.

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