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artists you like with low follower counts/lesser known?

Posted by Valentine


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try to include a genre & follower count average if you can :-) any genre goes, mine are fairly samey because i've been into the same 2-3 genres lately ;; however feel free to share any of your lesser known faves!

  • radarfield (12 monthly listeners on spotify, darkwave)
  • diagnose: lebensgefahr (833 monthly listeners on spotify, dark ambient (?) ish)
  • RBRNRSE (darkwave, youtube)
  • done. (DSBM, 145 followers, some experimental, youtube)
  • niobe (DSBM, 799 subs, youtube)

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Reply by aries


not sure what the range here for "low" is, i personally consider artists to be on the particularly obscure shelf at less than 100k monthly, but

kiss the anus of a black cat (9,584 monthly listeners / dark folk?? his most recent stuff is more darkwave)

arcana cain (28 monthly listeners / metalcore)

exotic animal petting zoo (2,527 monthly listeners / metalcore)

anubis gate (6,612 monthly listeners / prog metal)

pleasure venom (8,609 monthly listeners / punk)

venus voltage (416 monthly listeners / rap rock)

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Reply by gamer47


folder (2k listenter)
illshot (158 listeners)
ih5 (64 listeners)
deadly medley (722 listenrs)

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Reply by StigmataR00F


Azelisassath (black metal, 428 listeners on Spotify)

Unreality in One's Self (raw black metal, 6 listeners on Spotify)

Nameless Mist (DSBM, 373 listeners)

Angie's Curse (gothic/indie/dark rock, 201 listeners on Spotify)

Wolfshade (one of my all-time favorites, black metal band with 32 listeners on Spotify)

Traumat (experimental black metal, 434 listeners on Spotify)

Autumn Eternal (black metal band formerly called Sucked Into Slaughter and only has the one album released under Sucked Into Slaughter on their Spotify despite the name change, only has around 67 listeners)

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Reply by anthony


triage (46 monthly)

no one knows what the dead thing (1002 monthly)

cognizant (599 monthly)

Insistent (120 monthly)

Inherit disease (1209 monthly)

Cerebral cortex (396 monthly)

Machete 187 (1351 monthly)

No second chance (839 monthly)

insane asylum (543 monthly)

bridge burner (101 monthly)

noisear (435 monthly)

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Reply by Prince Prico


https://spacehey.com/profile?id=2539562 @MISFITDONIS ON SOCIALS HIS SHIT FYE 

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