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Luciela was born a warm spring day 1977.  She is a highly evolved and skilled telepath empath, and also works along side with the archangels. Sometimes she is helping archangel Michael, when he needs an extra helping hand on the other side. Luciela have been able to go to the other side since she was a child. 3 years ago Archangel Chamuel came to give her a brand new holy sword. According Luciela it was nice to bee visited from a friend that you have not seen for a very long time. You got this joy, that you get when ever you see an old friend, that you have not seen for many years. Luciela does not know all archangels, only her family and a few close friends. Some of this are Jmmanuel, Luciel, Michael, Raphael, Zadkiel and his twin brother Zaphkiel, Chamuel and Azrael! To name a few of the more known archangels for the people! During the day Luciela uses telepathy to communicate with the archangels if needed. During the night when she is on the other side, she usually meet up with them personally to discuss matters, if needed. 

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