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About twin flames and soulmates

Many people of this planet, believe that twin flame and soulmate is one and the same thing! So today we will try to explain this. A soulmate is the friend of once soul! We can have many soulmates, friends of once soul. When we meet a soulmate we feel an instant connection. Like we have know this person for ages or forever even. We enjoy being around them, just as much as they enjoy and feel home with our company and friendship! Many people on this planet often choose to tie the knot with a soulmate and this relationships usually turns out very well, even though they can quarrel at times. 

What is a twin flame then? Is it not the one and the same thing you probably wonder!? To that we answer! NO! It is not the same thing, it is a whole different thing. We'll try to explain what a twin flame is, as simple as we can to help you understand the differences of the two and what a twin flame is.

When god created the spirit, the male was created first, from this male spirit emerged his twin, his female self. In the old testament where they talk about Eve being created from Adam's rib, was an early attempt to explain how twin flames are created, for the humans of that time line. But sadly they did not comprehend it as good as we hoped for. Twin flames symbolizes father and mother god. And together they symbolizes all there is united as a whole. Twin flame bond is unbreakable, and twin flame marriages are considered as one of the most holy of matrimonies. You wont see any higher being, tie the knot with someone else than their twin flame. Your twin is your true other half, and now when we have explained how they are created, we believe you now know understand why, when we say they are the perfect fit/pair/couple. Twin flames can feel one another, even if they are not next to each other. Even if they are separated by planets, by countries etc. They can feel each other. They can feel if their twin is sad, depressed, happy, joyful, excited etc. Some twins, that are more spiritually advanced, usually higher being twin pairs, can communicate through telepathy with one another. Twin flames knows each other inside and out. It is also not uncommon that they laugh at the same time or even speak at the same time. You have only one twin flame, but one can have many soulmates, friends of once soul. When twin flames meet they also have an instant connection, but this connection is far more stronger than what you have to a soulmate. The attraction between twin flames are so strong it is literally impossible to try to ignore or avoid it, or even try to flee from it. This attraction can bee a bit handful for some, and for others a real blessing. This intense attraction and and connection is only felt and experienced when you meet your twin flame, your true other half.

blessed bee to all of you

The archangels and Archeias

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