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quick hypothetical for yall

Posted by Keith


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if you could have a doctor dominate the series for the rest of the whole future run time, who would it be? this is a bit of a different question then just "WhO iS yA FaV?" bc ALLLLL of the doctors have different vibes and writers to them, they have their own respective adventures that give separate story tellings. ex: 9/10 is like a love story but some more classic adventures like 1/2 were just silly goofballs who were just doing their own thang. plus the dynamics between companions areย  drastically different with each doctor. but anyways if you could choose one dynamic duo/trio/fam to dominate the series, time being no object, who would you pick?

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Reply by Ella !!


omg I would definitely pick team TARDIS (9, Jack and Rose) I love them sm and their episodes were so silly and yet serious !! Seeing Mickey pop up now and then would also be amazing tbh the four of them in Boom Town ?? Honestly one of my favourite episodes! and I need more 9 content he only got 1 season ย 

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