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Bowser was furious. He was stomping around his castle, smoke blowing from his snout as he roared at any Koopa Troopa that came too close. Nothing the Koopa King thought of was good enough to stop Mario from taking Princess Peach from his castle. He was never able to marry her because Mario always showed up just before they could get started.

He was tired of it.

In the midst of Bowser’s rampage, Kamek approached him despite the koopa troopas shaking in the shells. Bowser was fuming as sparks flew from his mouth at the unwanted guest.

Kemek cleared his throat before addressing Bowser. “You’re furiousness, I would like a word.” Kemek was used to Bowser’s tantrums, especially regarding the princess.

Bowser has been crushing on Princess Peach for quite some time. He’s been stubborn is making her marry him. Kamek was very supportive of this romantic endeavor considering the Mushroom Kingdom was the most prominent and therefore the best kingdom for Bowser to join with. Not to mention that Peach is capable of taking care of the freightful toads with ease. The koopalings have also grown fond of her from the many kidnapping attempts.

“Leave me, Kamek! I am in no mood for a lecture.” Bowser was fuming. Literally. The sparks in his maw were joined by smoke blowing from his nostrils.

Kamek gave Bowser a knowing look that almost immediately made the Koopa King curious. “What is it? Do you have something that will stop that irritating Mario once and for all?”

“No, your hopefulness, but I have some recollection of a certain marriage spell…”

Before Kamek could continue, Bowser immediately started celebrating. “Yes! The princess will finally be mine!” He let out roars of laughter and victory, taunting Mario who was back at the Mushroom Kingdom with said princess.

“Your eagerness, before you start celebrating I would like to finish my piece.” Kamek adjusted his glasses, annoyed by the interruption. He understood the excitement, but he was far from done.

Bowser was still excited but returned his attention to his advisor.

“I do not currently know the spell.”


“I remember I was doing some late night research way back when you were a hatchling and happened upon a spell for a nearly unbreakable marriage. It exists, but I don’t recall where exactly I read this information.”

“Why would you come to me without news of knowing this spell that would make Peach my queen?” Bowser was once again fuming.

“So that you could be aware and make it possible for you to provide a plan to buy me some time. Word in Mushroom Kingdom is that the princess plans on marrying soon, though nothing is official. And the recipient of such affections is none other than a certain plumber.”

At that moment, Bowser knew what he needed to do.

He needed to come up with a plan so full-proof that nobody could stop him. He made his way through the castle, brooding. Something that would stop Peach’s marriage to Mario and keep her all for Bowser. He unconsciously made his way to his room, practically punching a statue into its pedestal, initiating a mechanism that slid his massive bed to the side. Then an idea came to him.

He made his way down the stairs, the walls lit by torches. When he finally reached the bottom of the impressively long stairwell, there was a massive hallway. The ceiling was so far high that it was barely lit by the torches. There were eight doors along the walls of the hallways, each massive with their own color scheme. The faces of all eight of Bowser’s kids were on a door. At the very end of the hallway was the largest and most impressive door, with his own face sculpted in gold.

As he approached the impressive door, he built up a fire in his chest, warming him from the core of his very being all the way to the tips of his horns. He stopped at the door and released a molten breath right into the mouth of his visage. It activated a mechanism just as he let out the last of his flames. The door opened, revealing a massive room filled with treasures that he has accumulated throughout his life. Gold, weapons, paintings, even a collection of rocks that he wanted to build as a hatchling was still in there.

His hoard.

The most secure and secretive part of his castle. He and his family were the only ones who knew where it was, and he was the only of that very small group who could open it. His kids had similar setups. Doors that only they could open with their unique magic. Kamek was the only one in the know without his own hoard. He was just a magikoopa, not of the dragon variety that the royal family was. Kamek didn’t feel the need to ‘hoard’ his treasures like the royal family did.

Bowser’s temper cooled significantly as he found himself surrounded by things most precious to him. The plan formulating in his head was foolproof.


Luigi’s face was so red that it rivaled his brother’s uniform. “I can’t believe I agreed to this.”

Peach and Daisy were fluffing and styling the wig that sat slightly heavy on Luigi’s head. His best friend, Daisy, chuckled at his embarrassment. “Actually, you volunteered for this babe. Now quit your whining. You look fabulous.” Daisy was having too much fun.

Peach gave Luigi a soft smile through the mirror as she left Daisy to finish up that hair while starting to work on the makeup. “I can’t tell you how much this means to me, Luigi. I know this is probably the last thing you want to be doing-”

“It is.”

“But it’s very brave of you to be doing all the same.”

Luigi let out a nervous sigh as he continued to sit as still as possible while the two princesses worked on perfecting his look. He played the scene from earlier that day over and over in his head.

He, Mario, Peach, and Daisy were all sitting in the conference room in Princess Peach’s castle. They were trying to brainstorm a way to get Bowser to stop kidnapping the princess and to stop his conquest over the other kingdoms once and for all.

It’s not that they didn’t have an idea, but it would take too long. They needed to save time to really put it in motion. They all agreed it would be better to try to come up with something that would take less time before finally settling on the only other plan they have.

Mario looked tired and stressed. He’s been running around the kingdom with only Luigi’s occasional assistance. He was starting to get worn out. Mario let out a heavy sigh and, with barely contained annoyance, sayed, “We need more time.”

Everyone silently agreed while Peach grew deep in thought. “What if I let Bowser kidnap me again. One more time. I’ll buy you some time to put the plan in motion.”

Everyone’s head snapped up to Peach. Mario quickly shot the idea down. “No. We can’t do that. He’ll make sure you two get married and then there’s nothing we can do”

“I’ll delay the wedding. I’ll keep insisting it needs to be perfect. I’ll fake being sick. I’ll stall until you can stop him. It’ll be fine.”

Daisy spoke up, going to her cousin’s side. “He’s right Peach, you can’t throw yourself into the arms of Bowser. Who knows how long you’ll be able to stall before he blows a fuse and just has you sign the marriage contract?”

“But this is the best way we can buy time. We can’t just let him keep doing this.”

“I’m not saying it’s a bad idea.” Everyone turned to Daisy. “You can’t go. But someone else who looks at you could. We’d be keeping you from Bowser while at the same time keeping him docile.”

“Who in all the kingdoms looks like me, Daisy?”

“That’s why I’m saying we think of something else. If you did somehow have a look-a-like, I’d be totally down for this. But we don’t, so we can’t.”

Luigi sat there, silent during the entire conversation. He had no ideas what so ever. The best one they had so far was to send Peach right into Bowser’s land and hope for the best. Like Daisy said. They just need someone to look like Peach and then they could through with it.

Someone with her physique who could fit her dresses.

They wouldn’t need the same hair because they could use a wig.

A simple make-over and they’d have the perfect replica.

Luigi had an idea.

“I could do it.” The words came out of his mouth before he could even process what it was he was considering.

There was a mixed reaction of:

“You would do that?”

“Absolutely not!”


Mario was the loudest. “I am not letting you go there alone, pretending to be Peach! What if Bowser finds out? He would keep you prisoner and hurt you! We can’t risk that!”

Luigi completely agreed.

Daisy put a hand on Mario’s shoulder to stop him from speaking again as she turned to Luigi. She looked at him critically, sizing him up. She gave a nod. “You could definitely pull it off.” Mario went stiff. “But do you really want to do this?”

Daisy was giving him an out. She knew he would be scared out of his mind to go to Bowser’s castle in place of Peach. Dressed up as Peach. He had to take some time to think about it. Time they barely had.

If he was going to decide, it had to be soon. He thought back on all the times he helped his brother save the princess. Mario was more than capable of saving her on his own. If Luigi got in trouble, Mario would be able to get him out of it. Plus, this would buy Mario time to finally stop Bowser.

Luigi nodded. “I want to help my bro. This is the best way I can.”

Mario was about to protest, but Daisy pulled him back. “It’s his choice Mario. Besides, if he’s in danger you’ll be able to get him out of it like with Peach.”

“But-” Peach cut Mario off by taking one of his hands.

“It’ll be ok Mario. Let him do this.”

Mario left the room after giving Luigi a big hug, needing to mentally prepare himself.

Luigi returned to the present with the addition of weight on his head, making him straighten his posture to keep it on. Peach’s crown.

He looked in the vanity mirror and saw that the princesses put a plain white mask on his face to cover his mustache that would no doubt give him away.

The mask aside, he looked just like Peach. It was amazing how similar in stature they were. That’s what made him think to volunteer in the first place, but he didn’t think they were so similar that after just a wig and a dress they were practically twins.

“You look amazing Luigi.” Peach placed her hands on his shoulders to comfort him

“Yeah. Bowser will have no clue, don’t worry.” Daisy winked at Luigi in the mirror. “Just say you’re sick so he’s not suspicious of the mask and the deeper voice.” This time, Daisy had a slightly more worried look to accompany her teasing.

That didn’t give Luigi any confidence.

Peach left the room soon after to make sure she was hiding somewhere so that Bowser wouldn’t catch onto the ruse. It was Daisy and Luigi.

They say in silence, Daisy giving silent comfort to Luigi before saying, “You really don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. I know you’re scared. We can always come up with something else.”

Luigi sighed, his breath hitting him back because of his mask. “I know. I’m scared, but I want to do this. I need to. To keep the princess safe and my brother sane.”

“He will be anything but sane knowing his baby brother is in the dragon’s den.” Daisy chuckled as she knocked her shoulder into Luigi’s. That got Luigi to give his own small laugh in turn. “There you are! I was wondering when you’d lighten up a little. Don’t be so tense.”

“How can I not, knowing just how close to danger I’ll be?”

“By being the badass I know you can be. You’ve defeated King Boo, what, 20 times by now?”

“It was only three. And I was terrified the whole time!”

“Sure, but you did it. Three times! While shaking in your boots! Being brave isn’t lack of fear doofus.” Daisy gave Luigi a light flick on his forehead earning a yelp. “Remember that.”

Luigi rubbing the spot that Daisy flicked while he nodded.

“Now. Let’s set the scene. We’ll have some tea on the balcony to help calm you down.” Luigi followed Daisy to the balcony where a tea set was already prepared on the small table.

Tea with Daisy really helped Luigi calm down, but that feeling of serenity was quickly replaced with dread when a shadow came over the balcony. It was Bowser in his clown car.

Bowser came down onto the balcony, shaking it and almost making it crash to the ground with how hard he hit the structure. He grabbed Luigi around the waist with one claw as he pointed to Daisy.

“Tell Mario he doesn’t have to bother trying to save the princess! She’ll be somewhere you will never reach her!” He let out a dark laugh as the feeling of dread in Luigi grew.

Bowser sounded like he meant it. He always does, but Luigi had a bad feeling about this whole thing as Bowser made his way back to the clown car and flew back to the Darklands.

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