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my intro!! :3

Posted by aj!


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Name: Aj!
Insta: k0smick1tty 
Age: 15
Pronouns: he/him
DOB: 8/5/08
Sexuality: pansexual! 
Relationship Status: Single 
Location: St. Clair Shores, MI
Favorite Color: pink!!
Favorite Band/Artist: Rammstein
Zodiac sign: leo sun, leo moon, aries rising
Favorite Animal: snail
Hobbies: drawing, listening to music, etc!
Any Pets: 2 dogs and 3 cats!! 
Do you smoke? yes
Do you drink? no
Will you reply fast?: most likely
Video call/FaceTime?: yeah
Willing to meet one day?:idk?
Children?: no TT

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