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Any Side Order tips?| Spoilers

    I've been having trouble passing through levels after the 10F boss. At this point, I don't think I'm going to get pass 30 levels. Any tips? The only major one I know is that the big fish, the one with the big forehead, follow the 8 balls and that Circle boss.

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Reply by Jammer439y8


Here are some tips I have learned from experience 

Avoid picking Rigorous Danger Floors (especially if the objective is Splat Zones or if you are low on lives)

If your starting Palette does not give you a powerful way to fight Jelletons at a distance, change your sub or special weapon at a vending machine if possible

Prioritize your current Palettes most common color chip tones, if you can (do not neglect other tones)

On Splat Zones floors, try to splat Drizzling Capricciosos as soon as possible

On any floor, try to splat Towering Nobilmentes as soon as possible

I hope this helps, (:

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