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Posted by marscallsthevoid


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i think ive cured my phone/content addiction. well, compared to my 8 hour a day screen time average, im doing great. however, a new problem has quickly presented itself. what the hell do i do with my time?

for context, im trying to get a job and am considering going back to uni but until that happens, im lost. i have been reading more but at the moment, im kinda lost. if anyone has suggestions/advice please let me know. 

i also plan to replace my iphone with a flip phone and an ipod. its not really relevant but whatever.

i want to be more present and experience the world around me without needing distractions to keep me from possibly being bored. 

i dont know if any of this makes sense but i just wanted to get this out of my head.

sorry for the word vomit, thank you for reading :]

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Reply by victoria lorelai


I understand you! I think it's great, and I've been doing this for a long time too

As long as you experience withdrawal from the screen and cheap dopamine it will be difficult to stick to tasks that require time, and not having something consistent in your routine to pass the time (like school or uni or work) it's worse. It worked for me to choose a hobby and focus on it as an objective (now I paint pictures), I decided to return to writing and I also considered doing volunteer work to feel more present and attentive to the reality that surrounds me (and more connected emotionally) 

it's kinda sad our current lifestyle totally disconnects us from ourselves to the point where we have no idea what to do with our own time (something so precious) besides swiping the screen, but having a routine and commit to things helped me and now I feel like I have good and full days (with or without work)

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Reply by Jinnicide


There are sooo many books on this topic, just read ONE and you'll be good to go :)

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