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Posted by 🫀 V4MP1E 💤 [🍉]


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Follow the template pls



Age(or age range):


How did you discover it:

Tell us about yourself:


Include pictures if you'd like to!!

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Reply by ᴗᴗ  aether 𝜗𝜚


Name: vincen, auggie angelica or ronnie

Pronouns: he she it + neos (onky use she if ik u)

Age(or age range): 14

Theriotype(s): calico cat, fox idk

How did you discover it: Its complicated i dont feel like explaining

Tell us about yourself: idk

BYI: bipolar + adhd, i cant predict if im in a shitty mood.

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Reply by 🫀 V4MP1E 💤 [🍉]


Name: Charlie :3

Pronouns: She/they/boo/rat and a few more

Age(or age range): Minor

Theriotype(s): Arctic wolf + California leaf-nosed bat

How did you discover it: I kinda always knew somehow? Ever since childhood I had a weird connection towards bats and I always felt like something about my arms felt super weird like there was some kind of invisible wall between them. I came across the therian community in Tumblr and that's when it clicked. Abt arctic wolf I have no idea it kind of placed itself in my identity and I accepted it :}

Tell us about yourself: UHH I'm Charlie, host of a newly discovered system and I'm a transfem (amab). I rlly rlly enjoy the bling aesthetic and vibrant hot pink :3 

BYI: I might be a little out of pocket so pls lmk when i cross the line 

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(Host) Name: Finn + Logan

Pronouns: he/xir/loser/it/bite

Age (or age range): 15, turning 16 on July 1st

Kin-type(s): Vampire/Black Cat/Calico Cat

How did you discover it: I've always felt a connection to cats in general, as well as vampires! 

Tell us about yourself: I'm autistic (self-dx/un-dx), I have anxiety, and I'm an OSDD-1b system. I'm also a demi-aro/allo transboy. I have a severe special interest in Littlest Pet Shops (LPS) :3

BYI: I am a system, so sign-offs and/or pronouns may change! If you're curious who's fronting, just ask, but DO NOT try and pry/force us to tell you, because that is VERY disrespectful, and an easy way to lose our trust.

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Reply by Pubby :}


Name: mason

Pronouns: he/they/pup/fang 

Age(or age range): 13-16

Theriotype(s): dog (German shepherd) and alien cat thing 

How did you discover it: uhhh I Litterly cannot remember for dog it's been moths and my memory sucks bum, and for alien cat one of my Tumblr moots most emojis of 'em and I was like :0 me core and uh yeah

Tell us about yourself: I'm just a silly lil guy pretending my problems don't exist 

also  I promise I'm not a 5 year old even if I act like it too many people think I'm a toddler online

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Reply by kokabiel


Name: call us leviathan (collectively) or whoever's name is in our status

Pronouns: any :]

Age(or age range): 17

Theriotype(s): fallen angel, cat, ghost, vampire (we have multiple otherkin alters)

How did you discover it: i forgor-- we've known for quite a while kgjdjf

Tell us about yourself: hi hello im a weird transsexual queer & i rlly like 70s-2000s rock, coffee, cats, & the stars <3

BYI: im autistic + have stpd & may not be good w/ wording augh, we're a DID system & might sign off sometimes

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Reply by Fynn


Name: fynn

Pronouns: he/him/it/its

 Age range: 14-16

Theriotypes: grey tabby cat, boarder collie, sea otter! (I also have a dragon kintype)

How did I find out: I found out about therianthropy at the end of 2022 when I was looking into identities online, I discovered the term therian so I decided to look into it more I realised that this was how I felt and that I had similar experiences to other people! And over 2023 I started finding out all my kintypes with the help of older alterhumans :)

Tell us about yourself: I really like alt fashion, cosplay, art and alt music!

BYI: I have ADHD, dyslexia and anxiety

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Reply by Amina :33


name: Fox/Foxy

Pronouns: She/they/it

Age(or age range): 13

Theriotype(s): Saluki, 

Rusty spotted cat, 

Manned fox, 

Vancouver coastal wolf, 

Sea otter

How did you discover it: I realised I was a therian in like late 2020. I used to have vivid memories of being my theryotypes and I was so confused but then a friend of mine suggested I might be a Therian, viola

Tell us about yourself: I have ADHD. I'm lookin for friends! I live in the UK. I do alot of quads and my parents don't know (yet). I have discord!

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Reply by leo


Hi - I don't know if this is really still active but I thought I'd introduce myself bc I want to make alterhuman friends here :]

Name: leo

Pronouns: he/him

Age(or age range): 14-16

Theriotype(s): wolfdog, bear, chimeratherian-thing! ("chimera" as in multiple kintypes, but also literally a chimera/lion-lizard-other thing. feel free to ask abt it)

How did you discover it: randomly stumbled across the alterhuman community on tumblr, specifically from a post where someone stated that they "knew they just were a dragon" and I remember thinking "??? you can do that???"

Over a year later [i'm pretty sure], I've flipped between a identifying as a few different theriotypes as I tried to figure it out, but a lot of my realising what theriotypes I have has come from fictional characters/personas where I gave them the ability to shift into a lion, bear or whatever, and went, "actually, that sounds pretty neat!" and fell from there.

Tell us about yourself: My interests change pretty regularly, but I'm into animations, writing and fandom; I'm living in the UK and I want to have a dog one day. Is that enough info?

BYI: the periods that I'm online can be sporadic and I might be kinda awkward. that's all, I think.

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Reply by UMI_SHR00M


Name: Umi

Pronouns: Idc but perferably he/they

Age(or age range): 13+

Theriotype(s): Raccoon and leopard(maybe its a cougar not sure yet)

How did you discover it: I always had animalistic urges and dicsovered alterhuman/therians and did some research

Tell us about yourself: IM Umi and love to do quadrobics and art in my free time nd listen to music

BYI: I have adhd and autism   and is alittle unhinged and silly so- sorry not sorry- reese's

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Reply by 𝓦☆𝓵𝓯 𝓟𝓾𝓹


Hallo!!! ^w^

Name(s): Wolfpup, Moonie, Fidget 

Age range: 13-16

Pronouns (in order of preference): They/Them, It/Its, Xe/Xem, most neopronouns*, He/Him

Gender ID: Non-Binary [Xenohoarder]

Sexuality: Aroace-spec (Demiromantic/Apothisexual) (suspected lesbian?)

Theriotypes: Black Timberwolf, Feline Clado

Kintypes: Mothman, Ghost, Dragon

Kith/Hearttypes: Crows, Rats

Discovery/Awakening: Did some research, and discovered therianthropy!

A few fandoms I’m in: Marble Hornets, The Mandela Catalogue (I don’t support the creator), Gemini Home Entertainment, Local58, FNAF, Monument Mythos, Wings of Fire, Regretevator, Some creepypastas, Homestuck

BYI I guess:

Satanist, Atheist

Anti-Zoo, Anti-MAP/NOMAP/P3D0

System supporter

Online agere/petre (SFW)

Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Mild Depression, Executive Dysfunction 

Please use tone tagz I’m stupid as heck

*I prefer any cat/pup/furry/cryptid/space related neos + Moth/Moths, Voi/Void, Rot/Rot’s, Bone/Bone’s, Kandi/Kandi’s, Rawr/Rawr’s, Dino/Dino’s, Claw/Claw’s, and don’t use any drug/place/character/+18/sexuality related ones

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