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I Hope My Current Smartphone Can Last Until I Get A New Smartphone

Fuck you Sake! He is one of my cats and I really don't like him. He pulled my charger cable many times when I was charging my smartphone and because of that the smartphone also fell on the floor many times.

I've tried to make my smartphone safe but still this bastard cat always pulls my charger cable. My smartphone could suddenly die when I use it because it falls so many times, I'm afraid of that. I hope that doesn't happen.

Argh, I hope my smartphone can still last long enough until I get a new smartphone, this year, especially as my mother is saving to buy me a new smartphone. This smartphone will be three years old next May 20 since I bought it in 2021.

I'm really afraid if I don't have a smartphone because that means I can't connect to the internet. We need a device to access the internet, right? It wasn't easy for me to buy my smartphone at that time (I'll tell you later).

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Reply by Rabbit1


Haha, I also have a cat named Sake.

Anyways, charge your phone on the floor so it doesn't get dropped anymore. My phone is 7 years old and still works just fine, I have no reason to even think about getting a new one any time soon. I just think you need to treat your phone a little nicer. 3 years old isn't that old at all.

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