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Has anyone here ever played Katamari Damacy or any of its rerolls/sequels?

For anyone who doesn't know what it is, It's a game made by some dude who was working for namco at the time called Keita Takahashi where you roll up a bunch of stuff in a ball like object called a katamari and send it up to space to make it into a star as a character called the Prince, while getting pestered to go past perfection by your dad the king of all cosmos (who is basically a narcissistic freddie mercury) 

i Fucking LOVE This game series man it's funny, has amazing music and really good gameplay, even though the later games in the series lacked innovation and kept on repeating the same formula. There were different playable characters known as cousins or second cousins that could replace the prince in rolling the katamari (at least in any game but the first one), different accessories you could wear like a mini version of yourself or a scarf and other things.

I hope by posting this i can also find other people who have played at least one of the games in the game series (We Love Katamari is the best one btw (at least that I've played. I've only played up to beautiful)) and possibly have a little chat about em. Literally no one talks about the series for whatever reason, and it kills me because people do know what it is. I have watched so many videos that have had songs like Crimson Rose and Gin Tonic or Que Sera Sera play in the background and it's driving me insane that there's only like, 3 or more videos talking about it.

So like....favorite cousin? Mines are Daisy and Nickle. Favorite game? (i already said mine) 

the funny prince guy

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Reply by dannie


I LOVE KATAMARI DAMACY. im not super into the lore or anything but ive loved the game ever since my sisters friend brought it over to play once. im getting back into it with we love katamari REROLL. i gotta say i love the prince hes just so nostalgic to me lol 

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Reply by Jinnicide


Have always been a huge fan, so fun!

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