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What are your favourite UK (or more specifically Scottish) shops?

I live in Scotland and it's such a struggle to find clothes I really like sometimes, especially when most of the stuff I see advertised online is exclusive to America and maybe Canada.

Soo, without spending an absolute fortune on the item and shipping, where are your favourite shops for clothing/accessories? 

The place I go the most is Primark for the basics, but Damaged Society and HMV are pretty good for graphic tees, even if they can be a bit pricier (for a 16 yr old at least).

Thanks!! :3

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Reply by CDwizard


my biggest reccommendation as someone from the UK is charity shops! it might be a while before you find something youre looking for but almost all of my clothes are second hand and i dress very vampire goth. 

you can also use vinted, which is a really good second hand app. ive got so much stuff from there and its all pretty cheap!

the biggest place ever for it is in london obviously, but since youre in scotland thats unlikely... but if you do ever find youself there visit camden. your mind will be blown.

but yeah, mostly just go to charity shops as much as you can! youll find some really good stuff if you keep at it for really cheap prices

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Reply by vcka


agree with cdwizard on all counts

charity shops have authentic 2000s clothing which is high quality enough to last
primark make poor quality which probs wont stand your test of time and style
vinted has super cheap clothing and you can find some unique pieces if you keep an eye out
depop has some specialised and embellished clothing but people over-charge a LOT

i get ALL of my clothes from charity shops
its good to put money to a good cause too in the independent charities

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