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Girlcult Review

I bought some items from the Chinese brand Girlcult and I wanted to tell my experience. I bought them off of TikTok shop when they were running a crazy sale, so each item give or take was around $5.00. The average price for their products are $20. I bought 8 items but unfortunately only 5 arrived. I did reach out and was given a refund that same day :')

Of the products that did show up I got 3 eyeshadow palettes, a lip stain, and a lip balm. From Great Inventions I got #51 and #52, from The Classic of Bizarre Tales #44 and J73 Lip Glaze. Finally I got the lip balm in #8. 

The Good

  • Very unique packaging
  • Decent amount of product 
  • Smooth pigmented mattes
  • The shimmers/glitters are absolutely gorgeous
  • Pretty color stories and shades
  • The lip balm was smooth, hydrating, and pigmented
  • It arrived within a week
The Bad

  • There is some fall out with the matte eyeshadows
  • The lip stain takes a while to oxidize (It starts out swamp green and changes to a brown)
  • A palette, blush, and highlighter were left out of the order
Overall I love this brand and even though my experience wasn't 100% I would still say that for the quality and price of the items that they are worth it. Especially if you're looking for a more edgy brand that has more cool toned products. Totally unlike anything I've ever tried. I would recommend that you buy from Chic Decent or TikTok shop. This was my first experience with Cbeauty products and I can't wait to try more. 

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TY for the review!! I was actually thinking about buying those so your review is very useful ^w^

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