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My experiences and a bit of knowledge with paranormality.

a few years back, i began experiencing paranormal stuff. it always started with me doing the same thing, which was sitting in my room while on my phone. with the way my room was arranged, i was able to have full view of the door. so, i'd be sitting on my phone, when suddenly i'd see a pair of feet from the gap beneath the door. i couldn't see the feet themselves, but instead the shadows. the figure came towards my room from the direction of the living room. when it arrived, it would stand in front of my door for about 5 seconds, then knock. when i'd reply by saying "come in", like any polite person would, it wouldn't move. the figure would stand there for a solid 5 seconds before walking back into the direction of the living room. this happened for two days straight. on the second day, i asked my mom if she had knocked on my door, but she always said she didn't. when i would open the door after the whole confrontation, there'd be not a person in sight. the living room was vacant and such. judging by the size, i deemed it as a male.. whatever it was. it looked as if it was wearing construction boots of some sorts. when we moved out for a while for renovations, i expected to come back to the experiences. but alas, it all stopped.


back when my mom first moved into the house we live in, she had her own experience. at at the time, she slept in the same room as I do, and the same room where I experienced my thing. anyways, at the time, the door was faulty. you had to really nudge it in order for it to close properly. one night, my mom was sleeping, when suddenly the door flew open, waking her up. still half asleep, my mom glanced over her shoulder, and her gaze landed on the door. a figure peeped past it and at my mother, one she couldn't recognize. to her surprise, she didn't feel anything like fear or anxiety, and just went back to bed unbothered. she heard the door close again after a minute or so. the next morning, she ask my grandparents if any of them had came into her room the previous night. both of them denied it, causing my mom to be rather confused. she then went to her neighbor at the time, and told her everything. her neighbor, who had been living there for years, explained to her that there was a man who lived in our house once upon a time, but had died before they moved there. he had matched my mother's description of his silhouette, and when my mom questioned why she didn't feel scared, her neighbor told her it was probably because he was a harmless and peaceful man.


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Reply by Damary


podria ser una entidad o espiritu que habita en tu casa talvez deberias de hacer una limpieza energetica si se tratase de una entidad y si es un espiritu que vivio ahi dudo que quiera irse talvez.

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Reply by Akimbo⛧


my only paranormal experience was around a year ago, me n one of my family members installed this ghost radar app for fun (we used to use the app a lot as kids, i assumed it was fake for most of my life and i would still consider myself a skeptic). We were in the spare bedroom, an entity popped up on the radar near a dresser and a mirror. I shit u not, I asked the ghost "do yall fuck wit boobies??" n this hat that was hung on the dresser fell down around 2 seconds later (there was literally no way this hat would have fallen on its own). i still cant believe that shit happened lmfao

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