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why is everyone coquette now

why does everyone wanna be trendy and feel original with things that arent even original anymore bcs its overused now

(i fucked w coquette but its ANOTHER great fashion style who has been taken over by normies.. just like scene lmao)

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Reply by klin!!


idk, but i feel like its not that bad bc people can start getting into fashion and develop their own style thanks to trends :]]

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Reply by Jomben


I think tiktok and social media as a whole has helped people find fashion styles they like, and that a lot of subcultures that were lesser known has become more known because of it :)  I don't use tiktok personally, but most of the time when I find people newer to stuff such as like scene subculture like you mentioned it's usually because of the app, and as well the whole "emo revival" stuff. I think coquette in specific became popular and trendy because of where people were leaning towards that "Clean Girl", Lolita became a trend or barbie movie things, but I am honestly unsure and find it interesting. I hope you are able to develop something unique to you someday!

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Reply by cowcat_with_a_hat


i haven't seen scene taken over by normiez b4 (but then again i don't use tiktok XP)

there r very few kidz in my skool who dress alternetive which blowz tbh

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