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Show me your FOs*!

Posted by Toby :P


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* FO means fictional other! Like a significant other but fictional!

Whether you have one, or many, show 'em off and gush til your hearts content!

I'll go first!! :3c

This is Sunburst! From My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

He's my highest FO, soulmate at this point, and I am not comfortable with sharing him, sorry- He's my most favorite wizard in all of Equestria!! We're happily married, and we're so close to our 1000th day together! That means I'd have been with him for almost three years!! I just love how big one thousand days sounds :3 

Sunburst is my #1 forever and always! I am the Sunburst Kisser >:] I do have a few more mains to share, though!

The Main Four <3

These are my main four! Sunburst (Obviously :3), Mortimer Mouse, Jerry Smith, and John Dory :3 These four men mean so much to me and I love to kiss them so so much <33 Again, I'm not comfortable with sharing them, they mean a whole lot to me even if I'm focusing on one over the rest ^^

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