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niche muses?

who are your most niche muses? somebody who has had a beautiful and massive impact on your creative work yet is unknown/underappreciated/very specific to your life experience? maybe a specific work of art? tell us as much or as little about this as you want. 

if you want a little writing exercise, write out what you would say to those muses/their creators if you could. (if it's somebody in your life that you CAN reach out to, PLEASE DO IT!! let them know what a difference they're making for you!)

some of mine are

- arctic monkeys (OKAY YES, THEY'RE VERY WELL KNOWN, but their work has left such a specific mark on me... i would not be where i am today without them.)

- chevelle (underknown, underappreciated)

- mike birbiglia

- ok go's bts video series/docs for their music videos

- the guy who wrote the xbox 360 avatar editor song (steve burke)

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