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bug lovers of the world... unite!!

many people think of bugs* as scary or gross but they're absolutely wonderful when you get to know them. think of it. billions of tiny little creatures, roaming free in every nook and cranny of the planet! in every shape and color you can think of! i love them so so much i could explode

*not just "true bugs" in the genus hemiptera but, as the term is commonly used by the general public, any multicellular invertebrate.

so let's talk about bugs! have pet inverts? show them here! have fun facts to share? do it! just a bug enjoyer? that's great! if you want to talk about anything bug-related, this is the thread for you, just follow spacehey rules and don't come in just to hate on bugs; they're already maligned by most of human society and are in serious need of appreciation.

to start off i'm going to share 3 bug fun facts:

1. did you know some species of velvet worms live and hunt in groups? these groups may contain up to fifteen individuals and have a strict hierarchy! they're also extremely aggressive towards rival groups and amongst themselves - this is how dominance is established.

a pair of dark blue velvet worms inside a wooden log

2. did you know that the death's-head hawkmoth, despite lacking vocal chords, squeaks when threatened? they produce this sound by inhaling and exhaling air through the pharynx.

3. did you know bumblebees are capable of having fun? in a study published in 2022, scientists found that, when they presented the bees with wooden balls, the bees would roll them around with no further incentive. younger bumblebees were more likely to play than older ones, and males did so more often than females!

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Reply by CDwizard


cool post :-] the fact about bees is so cute.. i think thats the case with alot of animals. i was taught in college that most if not all animals only act on instinct and cant "think" the way we do which is definitely true to an extent. but i think despite that they definitely have the desire to play and have fun no matter their size.

as for bugs i dont have any yet but i really want some beetles! ive read online you cant really get any until april sort of time though...

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Reply by scottape


I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH HI.... ive been meaning to learn more abt isopods and velvet worms in particular for aaages .........

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Reply by vcka



i find bee mimics really cool. and bee-flies are so cute.

i love pollinators. i love letting people know that there are so many more pollinators than bees

also ladybirds are my fav

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Reply by 333H3llBl4ckC4t666


Bug moment, indeed. 

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