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characters u hate but everyone likes (or opposite) and why??

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Reply by BETH ♡


none of this is in any offense to heather fans but i never really liked her and i don't really get why so many people just excuse her actions as being a girlboss when she's literally jut being a big bully half the time..not that you can't like her, though, bc there is a difference between liking a character and supporting their actions

oppositely, i adore beth. she's just...aaa!! she'd so be my friend if she was real, im a sucker for dorky socially awkward characters. plus, she's really relatable to me, especially her whole friendship-alliance with heather thing <3 my goopie..i wish people didn't hate on her just because they think she's "ugly" or annoying, she can't really help that yknow :<

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