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The need for a Revolutionary Communist International!

Posted by kara


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Greetings, comrades of Spacehey!

Yesterday (or today, depending on your timezone), the IMT announced the need for a Revolutionary Communist International after the recent meeting of the International Executive Committee in Italy.

"There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen" (Vladimir Lenin), and whilst we're not quite at those weeks yet, in the past year the IMT has grown extraordinarily - not just in literal numbers, but internally, also, by building up members' strengths; both of these largely thanks to the explosion of the 'Are You A Communist?' campaign. This has also led to recent announcements of the formation of new communist parties around the world, such as the Revolutionary Communist Party in Britain, Sweden, Switzerland (German | French), and other sections of the IMT.

It's a really good announcement, overall, with the article discussing what is to be done (like the Lenin book of the same name lmao), and it mentions that there'll be a world conference in the Summer to form the new RCI.

Though to actually build a strong international, we need a strong membership.

So, after reading the article, I just thought I'd throw this here. I know Spacehey is extremely niche of a site, particularly after the initial hypewave when it released, but I thought if there's even one fellow Marxist on here who's looking to get organised, I can hardly ignore them haha.

Anyway, if there's anything anyone wants to say about it, that's what a forum's for, so go nuts. Thanks!

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