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Reply by Moth/Moss/Bugg


Name(s): Moss, Moth, and Bugg
System Name: Ghosted Star System
Pronouns: He/They/It
Host(s): Jax & Grian
Likes: Warrior Cats, Multi Animator Projects, Lego Monkie Kid, OSC, Chonny Jash
Dislikes: the color pink, avocados, and Thistleclaw from Warriors
Boundaries: No teasing & No commenting on lack of knowledge on common and unharmful subjects
Other: Drink water!

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Reply by Kryptic!


Collective Name: Kryptic

System Name: We haven’t established one yet

Pronouns: They/Them (it varies from alter to alter)

Host(s) (if you have any): Emren, Kye, Callum

Likes: Books, escapism, friends

Dislikes: drama, mean people, talk of our trauma

Boundaries: don’t talk about trauma (yours or ours) without asking beforehand 

Other: we have Elers Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility) which causes chronic pain and difficulty walking

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