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I wish that I could freeze this moment(a short story)

The field was beautiful, and while I was lying waiting for her on a picnic tablecloth that was incredible—the pattern of white with red squares with the green grass sprinkled with drops of the sun that fell in a perfect and beautiful sunset—birds sang, and everything was around something even better when I saw her approaching. She had her beautiful basket that made her look more beautiful than she is with her perfect black hair, clear blue eyes like a cloudless sunny sky, and her beautiful cherry and strawberry dress that matches the occasion perfectly. 

"Hi, Amanda," she said when she finally reached the foot of the tablecloth while elegantly placing and taking out what was in her basket that was summed up in all kinds of jams, honeys, and sauces next to all the food that I brought: breads, salads, pancakes, waffles, etc. 

"Hi, Lucy," I replied. "Hi," she said again as she giggled, happy and somewhat nervous in a good way.

Hours passed that felt like minutes while we chatted about our hobbies, how her family is doing well (since I don't really like to talk about mine), funny little anecdotes and some embarrassing ones that have happened to us in the past, sharing small random data of the other such as likes or dislikes, and some random data of things, animals, movies, etc., until Lucy stopped for a while and walked until she reached my back, sat down, and gently She took my more or less untangled brown hair, which is free without any garter to tie it, and she asked me, "Can I make you a braid?" 


Before starting to braid it, Lucy takes out an AirPods box decorated with a pastel green case from one of the pockets of her dress, puts one of the headphones in my ear and the other in hers, and plays We fell in love in October from Girl in Red (a bit predictable, but I'm not really complaining at the end of the day; I also LOVE that song). I close my eyes and begin to feel how her hands gently and delicately braid my hair, and with that, a small thought comes to my mind about how I would have wished that my mother had combed me that way to go to school when I was little instead of pulling my hair, which makes me giggle, and out of nowhere I teleport to a world of peace where even though I can't see her, now it's just Lucy and me in this peaceful silence where only the songs of the birds and the music are what can be heard along with Lucy's beautiful humming, and I stop thinking about everything; now it's only her and me. School, homework, screams, fights, family—all that fades, and I only think about her, about her and me, and I think that I wish that I could freeze this moment and make it last forever

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