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Someone here like P.O.D?

Posted by m4ykiez


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I like soo much this band man, but they are soo underrated :( 

Algum br aqui? Eu sou brasileira!!

Fav songs: Asthma, Am i Awake, One Day, Know me, Every Knee, Masterpiece Conspiracy, Babylon the Murderer, Selah, Anything Right, Listening for the Silence, Rockin with the Best,Tribal, image, critic, Your Eyes (unreleased, I think), Roman Empire, Afraid to Die, I won't bow down...

Fav album: maybe The Awakening or Brown 

Fav era: 2003 e 1999 

Fav member: Sonny Sandoval (i think every one loves him, or not...)

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