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I'M LITERALLY SO SAD, I ACIDENTALLY DROPPED MY COMPACT POWDER AND IT BROKE, i tried to pick it up but it's dirty and full of cat hair :CCC it's so upsetting because i don't have another one and i was saving up to buy a new foundation :c

I have around 20 dolars saved, do you have any recomendations for a good/not so expensive compact powder??? 

+ Has it ever happened to any of you?? ii wanna knowwww

have a great weeknd yall!!!! <<<<3333

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Reply by Lex


I heard good things about the shiseido baby powder compact, it's about $12 on Amazon. Elf and Sephora also make good pressed powders. 

I was gonna say maybe you could put it back together with alcohol, but the cat hair would make that difficult. 

Sorry this happened it's the worst, one time I dropped my liquid eyeliner and it EXPLODED all over the floor. 

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