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 just wanted to have someone. Someone I could trust, talk to, who could understand me, be with me at all times, who really cared a lot about me, but I can't. I can't because I don't accept love.

So how can someone want to love and be loved, but reject love? How can a human being want affection, but when affection comes they don't feel worthy of it? 

My ignorance of thinking only about myself will one day kill me, but so will my empathy. I want to care more about others, I actually do, but without putting myself in the background, something I still can't do, so what should I do? 

I don't love myself, I just care about myself, I just care about the other people around me, just the weight of drowning in a vast and big ocean no longer brings me as much anguish as before, it just seems like a relief but the vessel of this my ship won't be so understanding in the meantime. Well these are just thoughts to forget, not actually, to remember the and suffering in my life, and releasing them into the air the wind will carry with them great relief and splendor.

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