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Need more music recs plz x]

I love pretty much all genres, and open to give almost everything a go! so idk just tell me what songs you likeeee plz and tyyyyy :>

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Reply by Nigu


hey! :D a few songs ive had on my mind as of lately are:

fugazi - "life and limb", an unsettling but groovy art punk track with catchy melodies and stuff

excel girls - "ai (chuuseishin)", this one is a pretty fun j-pop track that was made for the intro of the excel saga anime, its got some nice soul inflections and stuff

keg - "quip quash", a fast-paced and pretty eclectic 2-minute post-punk track (or as they call it, post-brexit-core xD)

windows 96 - "resilient glow", this is a quite soothing electronic track but idk what genre to pinpoint it as. something like bossa nova vaporwave? it has very nice melodies too

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