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Whats your favourite Campaign?

Personally I'm a big fan of Campaign 3 Hot! Crispy! Dazzling! As anyone who's looked through my blog might have guessed lol

I just feel like the party here has the best chemistry, they really feel like "friends" who've been dealing with each other for awhile now and bounce off each other really well.

But I'm interested in what you're favourites are? And why?

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Reply by Kal/Tango


I think my  favs are probably 6b, 7 and 8 but I cant decide between them T^T I love Percy and Rick's dynamic throughout all of the adventures they're together in and 7 and 8 are just cool in general BUT I do also love Hot Crispy Dazzling ( i watched it 4 times in a row )  and especially Jericho, Dixon and Ryatt ( and how pathetic Dan Gansley is ) . Also literally all the games Ramsey is in because he uses his abilities so well.

I hope this isn't like weird i'm just rlly into anime campaign rn 

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Reply by Coldandghostly


Fuck yeah! Percy and Rick's interactions are so incredibly underrated, their such great babysitter together I think possibly because their at that similar level of both absurdity and protectiveness. Also yeah Will's really creative with Ramsey's powerset, he never just uses an ability he's always using them to set things up its great.

Also nothing weird about gushing about anime campaign on the anime campaign group, go wild!

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