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Posted by 3ZR@ X3


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Hey, I’m new to this site and tryna get a feel for how everything works :3

If anyone has any tips/general advice please let me know!

From what I can tell this is some kinda MySpace tribute (cool af in my opinion) but I wasn’t really alive when that was popular so tbh I’m in the dark :(

I mainly joined this sight to make friends and just have an outlet to talk about alternative music n stuff but then I check the blogs and one the first ones that comes up if talking about romanticising murder (?!) don’t take this the wrong way, I <33 creepypasta but what the op was talking about felt more serious (is this a general thing that’s just on this sight?) also, a friend warned me ab there being g0r3/p0rn/creepy DMs idk if they were serious or not and now I’m a bit concerned 

Sorry if this seems kinda lame or scaredy, I just wanna stay safe

Thx 4 reading:3

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Reply by ⸸⛧☾༺Ez༻☽⛧⸸


Hi, To me this place is just a cool way to browse forums and update my profile. ive not experienced any weird DMs yet and have made some friends so far. I guess its just fun to browse and pretend its 2006!

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Reply by Ina


Hey there!

spacehey is pretty cool. It gave a space (lol) to put my HTML  and CSS skills to the use.

About the blogs... yeah... they can be a bit intense sometimes. Just ignore those, it's not really worth the time. 

And the accounts, yes, I've seen some gore accounts (I didn't actually click on them but they appear on the new people bar). Never received any weird DM's, thankfully.

I hope you have a good time here. And stay safe! ( ̄ω ̄)/


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Reply by Jinnicide


most people make friends and then use the bulletin feature as the main way they interact with each other on here, but you can do whatever!

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