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How to get a job whilst young??

Posted by Aikaa


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Helllooo, I'm 14 and I wanna get a job so I can eat and all that fun stuff! My mum is my only parent and she can't work so we live of welfare and all that, I want to get a job at my local shop but idfk how to go about it. They did recently sack someone so there is an open space and I've helped out around there when I was younger. So how would I get a job... and how do I warm my mum up to the idea of it? Anyway thanks in advance if you can help <3

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Reply by Jinnicide


Since you are not old enough to legally work in most places, it's going to be hard (and anyone willing to hire a 14 year old probably does not have your best interests in mind/is running an illegal operation, I'd be every wary!).

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