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Portals & Dimension hopping?

Curious if anyone else has experienced this:

You'll just be going about your business regularly and suddenly in an instant everything around you feels totally different. Like everything is just slightly off. You look at everything around you or even your own reflection and it just feels different, like everything is moved 2 inches to the left or something, or a slightly different color, or size, ect, and it's a disorienting and confusing feeling, and no one else seems to recognize anything is amiss. 

The feeling can come and go for a couple of days, and it's very frustrating, until you adjust to the "new" world around you. This happens to me a couple of times a year, and I've heard it referred to as dimension hopping or ascending, as you move into a universe that is more aligned with your life's purpose/soul/ect. I do notice things tend to change for the better after this kind of thing happens, but it's very disorienting.

Sometimes it's even more abrupt. Lately this has been happening every few days: I'll be walking across the room, and suddenly I feel as if I'm in a completely different place or time for a few moments, like I'll smell an old attic or church or something, or see different places in my mind's eye, or just feel like it's a different year, usually one in the past. Now I've had a lot of ghost experiences in my life, so I wonder if it could just be passing spirits and I'm picking up their "radio station"? Either way it's been a little distracting and can cause some anxiety and I have to take a few seconds to reorient myself. Super weird. 

Let me know if you've ever had anything like this happen!

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Reply by RenXD


i’ve had something similar happen to me too actually! But it was less of a feeling i felt and more of a physical change around me

every week i check my phones storage to clear some of it out since its pretty full (like only 1GB left full…) and i’ve been doing this for awhile but just a week ago i felt like something was wrong but i just couldn’t tell what it was, and while i was doing my weekly clearing i suddenly found my storage having 20GB just straight up gone

i thought maybe my brother was being a piece of shit again and was deleting important info (since he did it once…) so i hurriedly checked and all my information was intact—and i thought maybe apple had this new info compress feature but nothing new came up when i searched it up

i was searching a lot but came to no answer and then i finally thought “holy shit maybe i’m in another universe.” and lo and behold i find more differences that i don’t remember happening—be it a poster that was was horizontal instead of vertical & slight changes in the color of the walls

but it’s great to know that i’m definitely not the only one who’s experienced similar things

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Reply by KO


The universe is fractalised, so you are experiencing the metaphysics of your existence through your subconscious choices, and this affects your present and future realities; all life is converged into an infinity of possibilities; with this, we can experience reality in a consistent duality of internal expression and external internalisation.

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Reply by Auggusst


RenXD - That's so strange! I'm definitely glad someone can relate. The world is so weird honestly. I think the most frustrating bit will be that the people around you don't notice anything is different, especially when it's something very obvious. At least we know we're not alone in the experience now!

Kodank - It certainly seems that way. I wish there was a way to more intentionally shape my experience though. Imagine harnessing your subconscious and developing your perfect reality...

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Reply by ˚₊‧꒰ა Webbed fingers ໒꒱ ‧₊˚


ive had smth similar a lot, but im diagnosed with a dissociative disorder so i might just be seeing smth different lol

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