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Old poetry I thought I’d post.

Word of the day! 

Deja vu

The strange feeling you’ve been here and/or done this before 

You have not been here before

This place does not remember you

To some, Deja vu can be a very comforting thing

To others it’s eerie and a cause for concern 

It cannot hurt you

It is simply fragments of forgotten memories 

Quilted together nicely 

But still not quite right

You might’ve been here

You’ve just forgotten 

Or have you

How does this make you feel

Scared? Safe? Alone? 

Nothing at all?

Do you miss the past

Does it even really exist anymore 

You can never tell if your past is as you remember it

No one can even be sure there is a past

Or if we’ve just come to exist in this very moment 

We could be repeating this same day over and over

No one would ever know

But that’s very unlikely 

Chances are that time is a long line 

A line that’ll snap the second you look away

Making you forget

You’re living in a forgotten memory, you know

You really think you’ll remember this tomorrow 

You really think you’ll remember your favorite food in a year’s time

You truely believe you’ll know who your crush is in a decade 

For all you know you could’ve been in that place before and just passed it off as

Deja vu 

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Reply by Elli


Its Beautiful, the way you described it.

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