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the people around you

Posted by Michixx10


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i've been thinking about this for a while now, you know when you go and walk around and you see for example a car in a distance, pretty cool car. i wonder how the guy driving it doing, is he upset right now? or maybe happy or is he going to say goodbye to his loved ones, or going to his everyday job like he always did? does he know that some random stranger is thinking about him right now? or maybe for another example when you're just walking and you see a plane passing by in the sky i wonder what are the passengers in there thinking about, does he know that someone from the ground is thinking about them for no absolute reason and wondering how they're doing?

or maybe when i'm sitting home minding my own business, typing on the keyboard while sitting on my chair. i take a brief look at my chair and go like hmm who made this chair? the guy who made this chair have his own life, with his own happy moments and sad moments i wonder how is he doing and what are the chances of him knowing that someone is thinking about him because of a chair he made most likely years ago, where is he now in this world?

yeah it might sound weird, but i'm sort of an observant, everytime i go out i just daydream about all that stuff mostly, thoughts?

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Reply by Luna


i certainly will think if anyone its watching the plane im in everytime i travel now

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Reply by Michixx10


LOL, idk man quite a world a we live in

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