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Posted by goof


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does anyone have any nice anatomy tutorial vids that could help me improve .. i srsly need suggestions LOL

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Reply by Gluma


This isn’t necessarily a video specifically about anatomy but I still find it helpful as it’s a great foundation for drawing complex stuff like the human body. The video focuses on form (drawing shapes and such). Near the end of the video, it’s mentioned that once you’ve gotten the hang of drawing organic and geometric shapes (especially drawing them interacting with each other), you can use that foundation to form rough sketches of body parts, such as drawing a cube with cylinders protruding out as a sketch for a hand (shown in the video). If you’re entirely new to drawing body parts, however, I’d strongly suggest looking at reference photos! I’m no art teacher, but when I first started drawing the body, it’d look really blocky and unnatural due to me relying solely on the sketch I made, which was made entirely of shapes lol Bluebiscuits also made a video on anatomy but I haven’t watched it. It’s their most popular video, so I assume it has some good advice as well.

I unfortunately don’t have the video(s) to where I heard the advice below from, but they’ve stuck with me so I might as well pass them on, too.

One anatomy advice I’ve heard was that the arm (I’m talking about the section between shoulder and elbow; not the forearm) should be as long as your head (so your forearm could bend on top of your head). The very, very fast sketch I did on my phone should make this easier to visualize lol

Another one was that the heel of a person’s feet is never straight and it’ll look 100% better for the heal to be a bit curved. This is also seen in my sketch!

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Reply by Jinnicide


draw from life, take an actual real-live class with a professional teacher and a live model. nothing will teach you faster than that!

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Reply by w1ms3r_rxt


Best way to learn anatomy imo is simply drawing from life, can be nude art classes or going around drawing people you see in cafes, parks, trains, etc. If you can't do this for one reason or another, there are also plenty of sites with nude models, or clothed if it's more comfortable but nude gives you a better idea of the form

Another way to learn is to trace over images and break down the shapes, learn about the volume and how everything is put together. The more diverse the bodytypes the better.

As for actual tutorials this video by Ethan Becker really helped me personally break down shapes a lot better in highschool. He has quite a lot of interesting art tips so i recommend taking a look at his youtube in general!

Most importantly, DO NOT GET HUNG UP ON DETAILS! The more you focus on details, the more you end up losing focus on the overall image and practice. To negate this, i reccomend using a medium you can't erase.

Here's some of my own stuff i've done last year, talking about this makes me realize i should get back into it LMAO oopsies o.o


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