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I think this only works on chrome but like get this extension 


the extension is free and you can pick what year of youtube you want it to look like it goes as far back as 2008! ( up to 

when you frist get the extension tap the little extension button next to the star on your chrome and just pick whatever year you want and refresh your yt it should work lmk if you need help its pretty easy though also to remove the extension you need to go back to the link and just tap remove from chrome 

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Reply by f3ral_gh0st X__x


i didnt know there was another extension that did this! i use youtube redux, its available on the chrome web store but also the firefox one [which is good bc i switched to firefox and its so much better lol]

i would try this one out but it seems like a hassle to download a different one and disable my current one just to try it xD

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Reply by rave >D<


I didnt even know there were other extensions tbh i think they all would prob work similierly or the same because like theyre all doing the same thing 

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