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Wardrobe hunt

Hai pookies :D! I need your help

As I had listed in my about me I know what clothes I want to wear and what I'd be confident in wearing but my bank account said 'nuh-uh' so I'm taking this time to plan out where I want to get the stuff for my wardrobe shop wise as well as what sort of clothing I like design wise. I'll list a few of the clothes per category and at the end the websites that have those sort of clothing, you can also reply by suggesting a few sites as well.

Something I should mention as well is websites that have skincare products safe for people with eczema and sensitive skin-that would be helpful too.

°˖✧ Tops ✧˖°

Graphic tees, long sleeves, T-shirts, Cardigans, Dresses, hoodies

°˖✧ Bottoms ✧˖°

Bell bottoms, jeans, leggings, skirts, overalls

°˖✧ Shoes & Accs ✧˖°

Any for both categories except earrings [im not an earrings person]

°˖✧ Sites ✧˖°

ꕥ amazon

ꕥ romwe

ꕥ dolls kill

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Reply by weirdhouseplant


I see a lot of people asking where to buy clothes on here so I've been compiling a masterdoc that's full of alternative fashion brands https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ky2ruJ7ZL26ZICaHWapAkepmYSvtKNEvvX-5QI0tgSY/edit?usp=sharing , I hope this helps

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Reply by ☆Spacehey artist☆


Thank you so much :DDD

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