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Um.. pls give me visual kei songs to listen to or even bands 

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Reply by ⸸⛧☾༺Ez༻☽⛧⸸


i'm here to leach... i also need recs. Im obsessed with Malice Mizer atm. ive heard BuckTick are good 

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Reply by yukari


seiteki virus - the piass

tekesuta kosen - an cafe

garnet - despairsray

kasumi - amadeus

lips - megamasso

cest la vie - shazna

yanderukiminiokuruuta - the raid

houkai jokyoku - malice mizer

jagan - pas de chat (theyre not vkei but have resemblance to gothy vkei songs)

bis - aliene marige

step up!! mind system!! - annys ltd

fascinate - blam honey

sissy boy - buck tick

metempykhosis - gpkism

you killed me first - eve of destiny (debatable if vkei or not)

edelwiss - belcute

most of these can only be found on youtube!! its easier to find them by searching "vkei band" after it and swapping the artist and song order (ex: belcute edelwiss vkei band)

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